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    我們有 2 三星 Android 智慧手機。4.1 和 2.1。三星 Kies3 不會說話到 2.1,但 MobileGo 將。謝謝你,我已經設法最後備份 2.1。MobileGo 還允許我去看 EXT SD 太。非常友好的使用者太,好一個 MobileGo

  • 此軟體是我一直在尋找!真的很棒,完美!我想向大家推薦這款應用程式。



    -Italo 布基耶裡
  • 之前我不知道為什麼,這是絕對驚人 thgis 使用 AFT

    -Vinayak 夏爾馬

    這個應用程式是令人驚奇,我使用 AFT 年前這因為我太傻後發現這,,我總是用這個程式對施樂媒體之間我的手機和我的 mac。絕對驚人

    -Vinayak 夏爾馬
  • 愛這個應用程式,嘗試一切上岸提到這款應用程式的連結後: HTTP://developer.samsung.com/forum/thread/how-to-recover-lost-contacts-sms-from-samsung-galaxy-recstore-samsung-galaxy-data-/77/236286,作為對我的 macbook,易於安裝和嘿我有我的連絡人像點擊數為 2。謝謝你們為這個令人敬畏的應用程式。


    Wondershare's MobileGo for Android offers almost all of the features found in iTunes—and a few you won't find anywhere in Apple's software. So Android users, you can banish your envy of the symbiotic relationship between Apple’s mobile iOS device and its iTunes desktop software. MobileGo is available in a free version that's available for Windows PCs and a $40 Pro version that's available for Macs, too. MobileGo for Android MobileGo Pro features a panel that displays details about your Android device, while the center part of the screen gives you a general overview. The free version of MobileGo offers basic Android management features, including the ability to backup your phone's contents (including SMS messages, apps, and contacts) and allows you to transfer contacts and multimedia files between your phone and PC. It also allows you to manage apps and send and reply to text messages from the computer. The Pro version adds more useful features, including the ability to convert audio and video files to a compatible format before transferring them to your phone, the ability to sync iTunes playlists to Android, and the ability to import and export contacts to and from Outlook and Windows Mail. It's just unfortunate that you have to pay $40 to access these features, when iTunes is free, though admittedly it doesn't offer all of this functionality. If you can get past the price tag, you'll find MobileGo Pro for Android is an attractive, easy-to-use application. MobileGo Pro's interface has been redesigned in version 2; I found earlier versions just as easy on the eyes, but the new look manages to make all of the applications features accessible within a click or two. To get started, you install the software on your computer and connect your Android device. You can connect it via USB or, new in version 2, via WiFi. You can establish a WiFi connection by opening the MobileGo app on your phone (it installs automatically once you connect your phone to MobileGo) or by scanning a QR code that the application displays on your screen. MobileGo recognized my Motorola Droid Bionic right away, and within seconds displayed an overview of its contents. A panel on the left side of MobileGo's interface listed the number of songs, videos, photos, contacts, SMS messages, and apps on the device; clicking on any of these categories opens a more detailed window in the main part of MobileGo's screen. I like how easy it is to read SMS conversations and to see contacts by group—managing these things is much easier done on a big PC screen instead of a relatively small phone sometimes. From MobileGo's homescreen, it's easy to access many of the application’s other features. With just two clicks I was able to create a complete backup of my phone, and with three clicks, I was ready to import an iTunes playlist. Transferring video to my phone was a breeze, too, as I was able to convert and transfer a 30-minute television show over to my phone in minutes. MobileGo Pro for Android offers an easy and attractive solution for managing Android devices. It would be nice if the Pro version were a bit cheaper, but you do get a full-featured application for your money.

  • 我不認為這是可能要同步我的 Android,與我的 Mac-Nexus 5 發現我真正錯過了我直到 iPhone 發現了 MobileGo for Android Pro。這永遠改變一切有關同步和備份。謝謝你們,你們的偉大的軟體。咀嚼不要求任何更好!

    -伊萊亞斯 Eldabbagh

    這是這個星球上最好的安卓系統到 MAC 應用程式!我只是一天 1 我 15 天的審判,但鍵入文字時,我在找我的錢包!它移動了我的音樂與無毛刺,並且讓我看看我的手機上的檔很容易。我想向大家推薦這款應用程式,我將推特資訊上, Facebook 這個應用程式所有的我的朋友、 家人和客戶。

    -約蘭達 · 納爾遜



不用擔心。現在,MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac),您可以備份您無需任何麻煩的 Android 手機上的所有內容。此外,你可以將選定或所有備份檔案還原到你通過一次按一下的 Android 手機。



Enjoy Music, Photos and Video on the Go

享受音樂、 照片和視頻去

MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) 可以説明您到您的手機與按一下容易推動音樂、 照片和視頻。

同時,你可以直接 iTunes 的音樂轉移到你的 Android 手機,或將其從您的手機匯出到 iTunes。

Send & Reply Texts Seamlessly


不需要對文本消息給所有的朋友一個接一個的生日聚會、 節日、 等 MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac)lets 你文本所有的他們在同一時間從您的 PC。

想要釋放你的手機的記憶體,但保持重要消息嗎?現在你可以備份你所有的郵件或選定的重要執行緒作為電腦上的.txt 檔。

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自由喜愛的應用程式安裝或卸載無用的 PC 上的應用

備份應用程式從你的 Android 手機到電腦。


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Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

4 種模式以恢復丟失或已刪除的檔從 Mac 快速、 安全、 徹底。瞭解更多

Wondershare TunesGo 復古 (Mac)

充分的自由轉讓音樂和播放清單從 iPhone、 iPad 和 iPod 到 iTunes 庫對 mac。
與 iTunes 12.1,iOS 9,完全相容並支援 iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 加上New icon 瞭解更多資訊

Mac 的 Wondershare TidyMyMusic

完美的 iTunes 同伴組織所有您的音樂收藏。很容易找到缺失資訊、 專輯插圖和歌詞。瞭解更多